Jade stone face roller and gua sha on pink background with ice cubes and flowers. Skincare concept. Flat lay, top view.
How To Use Your Gua Sha To Ease Neck Pain
The gua sha is famous for helping create definition in the face and jawline, giving you a more structured look. More than that, it can also help relieve neck pain.
Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha may offer short-term relief from chronic neck pain by improving blood supply and nerve conduction, per a 2011 Pain Medicine study.
Treating the neck with gua sha could also alleviate discomfort in related areas like headaches, though consulting a doctor for personalized guidance is recommended.
When using a gua sha on your neck, use gentle pressure to avoid bruising and apply body lotion, oil, or moisturizer on your beck for smoother movement.
Use the gua sha tool to work from the bottom of your neck to the top in upward strokes; use medium pressure to clear blockages and improve circulation. Repeat five to 10 times.
To alleviate tension on the sides of the neck, repeat the previous steps for another three to seven strokes. Don’t apply too much pressure on the veins or arteries there.