How To Wash Your Summer Linens And Keep Them
In Perfect Condition
Linen is a great summer fabric, since it’s comfortable and easily absorbs moisture. Derived from the stalk flax plant, linen goes through a very extensive process before it’s made into clothes, so it’s important to properly clean your linens to make sure they last.
Linen needs special care when it’s washed, and you can even hand wash for the most gentle wash, but the most important thing is to read the instructions on each piece. When you put linen in the washing machine, make sure to put it on the gentle cycle, use lukewarm water and gentle detergent, and avoid overloading the machine.
Pre-washed linen can be thrown into the dryer on tumble dry with a low temperature, since it will not shrink. Linen that isn’t pre-washed should air-dry, and if you iron your linen, make sure the linen is damp before you press it for a wrinkle-free outfit.