Woman wearing a bow in her hair.
How To Wear Hair Bows, The Accessory Trend Of The Moment
Thanks to Hailey Bieber and Chanel, bows are trending this season! Here are a few ways in which you, too, can fashionably incorporate the chic accessory into your tresses.
1. Embellish
To keep it elegant and classy for formal events, use a hair bow to embellish a precise, neat, and well-crafted high or low bun.
2. Go Big
If you prefer a bolder look, opt for a more prominent hair bow instead of a petite one to add a little drama to your overall look.
3. Double Up
You can try rocking two (or more!) bows in your hair for ultra-adorable, fun hairstyles that look more lively than wearing only one petite bow.
4. Add Interest
Adding a bow to your long tresses — straight, wavy, or curly — while leaving them free is a great way to create one of the most eye-catching hairstyles.