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How To Wear Summery Peach Highlighter Like A Pro
Peach highlighter gives a gorgeous pinky-orange glow that can suit any skin tone depending on the color range you choose. Makeup artist Georgina Graham says that those with dark skin tones can go all the way with peach shades, while those with fair skin should use lighter shades and those with a medium tone would look best in warmer peach tones.
Monochromatic Peach
You can try pairing your peach highlighter with the same color eyeshadow and lip shade. Matching your highlighter with the rest of your makeup will give you a gorgeous and cohesive monochromatic look.
Liquid Peach
If you want to achieve a lit-from-within glow, you can try a peach liquid highlighter instead of a powder. A soft application of a peach-toned liquid highlighter can illuminate the skin even when paired with subtle warm tones for eyeshadow and lipstick.
Naturally Peach
You might be tempted to go all out with orange products, but a peach highlighter is much more subtle. All you’ll need for an illuminating glow is to apply it to the cheekbones, the eyebrow bone and the bridge and tip of the nose.
Natural Light
The trick to finding the perfect spots to apply the highlighter is by looking at your face in the sunlight and making note of the areas the natural light hits.

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