Woman is washing her hair
How You Can Train Your Hair To Need Less Frequent Washing
There’s been an ongoing debate on how often you should be shampooing, but a recent theory claims you can train your hair to need less washing. Carolyn Goh, M.D., says people with thicker, dryer hair could get away with washing their hair less frequently, while those with fine hair may feel they need to wash it more.
The theory behind reducing your hair’s natural oil production comes down to scalp training, which is done by washing your hair less, and this can be a slow process where you cut back on hair wash days one by one. However, cosmetic chemist Dr. Trefor Evans does not agree with this theory, saying sebum is “being produced all the time” and “you can’t really impact that.”
It doesn’t hurt to test this theory yourself, so start the scalp training process with a sulfate-free or clarifying shampoo with a scalp scrub, and make sure to condition only the ends of your hair. Use dry shampoo to get through oily hair days and avoid hairspray, gel, or creams, as they cause build-up and make your hair greasy.