How Your Exercise Routine May Be Working To Regulate Estrogen In Your Body
Exercise improves both the body and the mind in a variety of ways, from improving strength and neurological function to just making daily tasks simpler; more precisely, exercise benefits our hormones, including estrogen. This hormone is crucial, and studies have shown that physical activity can help keep the hormone in balance.
Estrogen is crucial in supporting our circulatory, skeletal, and nervous systems, but it’s widely known for playing a major role in the reproductive health of females. Gynecologist Sara Gottfried says “women have too much estrogen in their systems to start with,” which can put you at risk of breast cancer, irregular menstruation, hair loss, and mental health issues.
With the help of physical activity, we can balance this important hormone in our bodies naturally. It's recommended you find a steady balance between 150 and 300 minutes a week of moderately intense activity, which is around the same prescribed range of time a study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention showed could enhance estrogen metabolism.