Italy, Venice, detail view of astrological clock in St Mark's square.
How Your North Node Sign In Astrology Can Help You Learn Your Purpose
Your natal chart, or your birth chart, shows where each planet and several significant asteroids and mathematical points were located in relation to you at the time of your birth. The north node is one of two lunar nodes within your natal chart, and while the south node can shed light on lessons learned in past lives, the north node speaks of your karmic mission in this one.
You can easily get a free natal chart from Café Astrology, Co-Star, or Astro-Charts as long as you have the exact date, time, and location of your birth. To determine your north node placement, search your circular chart for a symbol that looks like a horseshoe, then look at the zodiac sign symbol it is placed inside of.
If your north node is in an earth sign, your purpose is related to safety, practicality, and skill, while those with nodes in air signs spread information, teach others, and bring about change through knowledge. A north node in a fire sign means that you're meant to lead, and if it’s in a water sign, your purpose is to support and connect with others on a deep level.