A young woman walks away in disgust and frustration from a confused man.
Huge Red Flags To Address
In A New Relationship
You Are Being Love Bombed
If the person you're dating starts showering you with love in an overly intense way within the first few weeks of dating, it's possible you’re being love bombed. Premature over-the-top grand gestures, romantic behaviors, actions, and compliments are all potentially harmful practices usually implemented by narcissists and sociopaths.
They Lack Friendships
If your partner doesn’t have any meaningful friendships and ends up dumping all of their emotional baggage on you, you will begin to feel overloaded and resentful. When they choose not to make other connections, this should be considered a red flag, as you shouldn’t feel burdened being your partner’s only relationship.
They Don't Have Hobbies
Partners without hobbies might become needy and struggle to find a sense of purpose outside of their career and relationship with you. It can be hard to enjoy your own friendships and interests if your partner doesn’t have any of their own, and dating someone who requires all your time and attention can become incredibly draining.
They Lack Empathy
It’s normal to expect your partner to be understanding and thoughtful when you share your feelings, and if they are incapable or unwilling to show you empathy, it is a huge red flag. Both people in a couple should be ready to put themselves in each other’s shoes so they can better understand and care for one another.
They Focus On Your Money
If your partner expects you to pay for everything and refuses to contribute financially, that’s a big red flag. No one wants to be used for their money when relationships are supposed to be filled with romance and mutual respect, so if you notice that your partner is more interested in your finances than you, it may be time to walk away.