If Meditation Doesn't Work For You, This Could Be Why
Many people turn to meditation to help themselves gain clarity and a stable sense of inner peace in a busy and overwhelming world. However, some do not find this method useful, but luckily, sitting cross-legged on a mat with closed eyes is not the only form of meditation.
If you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, or PTSD, meditation can actually be a triggering experience. Meditation is supposed to clear your mind, but when you don’t feel strong enough to choose positive affirmations or suffer from intrusive thoughts and incessant worries, meditation can amplify your anxieties and suffering.
Meditation comes in many forms as long as the goal is to calm and clear your mind, whether you choose swimming, hiking, walking, singing, gardening, or knitting, these non-traditional forms of meditation will enhance inner wellness. It’s always a good idea to experiment to find what works for you, so don’t feel discouraged if one form of meditation doesn’t suit you.