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If You Have Fine Hair, This Could Be The Haircut For You
If you have fine hair, you probably know the struggle of getting volume; fine hair is made up of small strands, meaning it can lack the appearance of volume and thickness. The good news is there is one haircut that will create the illusion of thick, bouncy hair.
Paul Labrecque, creative director of Paul Labrecque Salon says “The ‘Butterfly Cut’” is a great haircut for fine hair because “The cut lifts the hair high to maintain length and while letting all of its weight get lost in the internal layer,s and looks great when it utilizes a diagonal cut and works off of a curtain bang.”
Regardless of the haircut, fine hair can be difficult to style; consider using dry shampoo for oily hair and a lightweight mousse to add texture and volume. You should also use a volumizing shampoo to help boost volume, and after showering, try to let it air dry and add heat protectant if you must use heat.