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Imaginationship: The TikTok Trend We've All Probably Been Guilty Of
By Glam Staff
We’ve all had crushes on the hottie at the gym, library, coffee shop, or even someone we’re casually chatting with online and we've all been guilty of imagining what a relationship with them might be like. This is called an imaginationship and the term has been trending on TikTok with tons of users sharing their experiences with the love that never was.
If you think you may be in an imaginationship, there are a few signs to watch out for. If you catch yourself having an entire conversation with them in your head, if dating other people feels like cheating, or if you're telling your dates that you're actually seeing someone else, you might be in an imaginationship.
The hashtag #imaginationship currently has well over a whopping 14 million views on TikTok, as users like @/gold_jules keep posting videos expressing just how disappointing an imaginationship truly is while being unable to break free. If you're engaging in a little romantic delusion, let this be your sign to wake up.