Infla-Dating Is The Buzzy Dating Trend To Know About For 2023
There are a number of trends predicted to be big in 2023, and thanks to the dating site Plenty of Fish, the term “infla-dating” is already popular. This term has everything to do with you and your partner’s spending habits.
Infla-dating means dating with inflation in mind, and the site, Plenty of Fish, stated, “nearly half (48%) of single Millennials and Gen-Z have suggested going on a less expensive, budget-friendly date.” Dating on a budget isn’t a new idea, but it is a popular one in 2023 due to the financial concerns people face.
At the beginning of a relationship, don’t be afraid to discuss finances so you and your partner are on the same page. Saving money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dating; just look for less expensive date ideas, such as browsing a bookstore or packing a picnic as opposed to going to a restaurant.