Ingredients You Should Avoid In Your Haircare Products
Parabens are man-made chemicals that some scientific studies believe act as hormone disruptors that affect the reproductive organs and may cause cancer. This (along with the negative environmental effects) has led to retailers removing paraben products from their shelves, despite the regulatory assertion that they are safe.
Sulfates are a controversial ingredient in shampoos since regular use can strip the hair of its natural oils and proteins, creating dry, dull, brittle hair; products containing sulfates are also often tested on animals. Many companies have answered the call for “sulfate-free” shampoos, citing a gentler clean for dry, damaged hair.
Per Beyond Pesticides, over-the-counter products containing triclosan may cause issues with thyroid hormone metabolism, weakened immune systems, decreased fertility, birth defects, miscarriage risk, and cancer. Most experts agree that triclosan isn’t a necessary addition to everyday personal care products.
Synthetic Fragrances
Exposure to synthetic fragrances can cause serious gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems, as certain chemicals used to craft these fragrances contain toxic volatile organic compounds that have adverse health effects. To avoid these ingredients, look for natural fragrances made with pure essential oils like rose or lavender.
Silicones are artificial chemicals that can cause unwanted build-up, but some silicones are water-soluble, meaning they are easy to wash out of your hair and won’t lead to buildup. Silicone-free alternatives like natural hair oils and serums can also provide the moisture, shine, and protection you’re looking for.