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Inside The Dark And Mysterious Meanings Behind A Crow Tattoo
Overcoming Trauma
A crow tattoo might be a symbol that you have overcome trauma. The idea of a crow symbolizing triumph over trauma stems from Celtic mythology, where the war goddess Badb was known to appear in the form of a crow.
Spiritual World
Besides the link to all things death and darkness, crows are associated with the spiritual realm. Crow tattoos placed on a person’s lower arms, hands and wrists, neck, or ankles can indicate that they are a spiritual person.
Bad Omen
The idea that crows are traditionally bad omens can be traced back to ancient Greece when the goddess Athena punished the crow, by turning its white feathers black, for delivering bad news. In early Christian England, people believed that its behavior could predict everything from bad weather to death.
Good Luck
Crows can be a sign of good fortune because seeing two crows is a sign of good luck, three crows are said to be a sign of good health, and four are a sign of abundance. Crows are also associated with wisdom and intelligence as much as they are with death, so it's up to you which meaning resonates the most.
Spirit Animal says that crows are a symbol of magic, but have traditionally been viewed as a connection to dark magic. Since crows have appeared in folklore as tricksters, manipulators, and deceivers, it fueled the view that they are related to witchcraft, at least from a Christian perspective.