Woman with face framing curbe bangs
Inspo For Rocking Dramatic “Curve Bangs”
1. Classic Curve Bangs
The traditional way to style curve bangs is with straight, layered hair. The bangs should hit right above your jawline, and the ends should gently swoop inward.
2. Middle Part Curve Bang
Curve bangs look best with a middle part because it allows both sides of the bangs to softly frame your face. Add some hairspray if you want the curve to stay.
3. Wispy Curve Bangs
These bangs work really well when they are cut in a wispy style, and are a great choice for anyone who doesn’t currently have bangs but wants to cut them.
4. Curve Bangs + A Shag
Curve bangs suit styles with lots of layers. An ‘80s shag with curve bangs is a great combo, since this haircut allows the bangs to blend into it seamlessly.
5. Curve Bangs + Curly Hair
We mostly see curve bangs on straight or wavy hair, but it works on curly hair, too. The curve bangs will be curly, but the end effect of framing your face is the same.