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Is A Textured Bob The Right Haircut For You? Here's Why We Love It
A bob cut is going to be a classic look in 2023, whether it’s an A-line bob, an inverted bob, or the popular textured bob. In 2021, the bob hairstyle was Googled around the world over 200,000 times each month, so it’s safe to say, many people are curious to see if they call pull off this hairstyle.
A textured bob is a sexy and sultry twist of texture and fullness, and hairstylist Olga Karacheban says, “This bob style is meant to be a tousled, imperfect look,” so a texturing spray or dry shampoo will be your best friend. A textured bob works well on many face shapes, so for oval faces, try out a super short textured bob, while square faces should stick to a chin-length bob.
The amazing thing about a textured bob is that it’s incredibly low maintenance and easy to style yourself. For those with natural texture, simply running your fingers through your hair is all you need, but for others who need extra help, try using a sea salt spray on damp hair and giving the strands a good scrunch, and pin-straight hair may need a hot tool to make a few small waves.