Is Acetone Nail Polish Remover Actually Safe
To Use?
Beauty products have evolved over the years and there have been many changes because of the ingredients for potential health risks. Acetone is no different and is used to remove nail polish, but it might not be as safe as you think.
The most common solvent in nail polish remover is isopropyl acetone and it can remove polish easily, but continuous use can dry out the nail, cuticle, and surrounding area. The risk of acetone exposure goes beyond dryness and it seems like too much just to have pretty nails.
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics states that the potential side effects of acetone exposure include nausea, headaches, respiratory problems, and eye irritation. More symptoms can be feeling weak, sore throat, intestinal distress, heartburn, and others, so you need to be careful with how often you use acetone.