Is An Air Cut The Key To Giving Flat Hair Volume?
Hairstyle trends change all the time, but one thing we always want is volume. We often turn to a blow dryer to get that added volume, however, it turns out that a cut called the “air cut” might be the answer to add the volume you’ve been craving.
An air cut might be very useful if you’re looking to add volume, but you need to maintain it or it won’t last. The Hair Styler says that adding layers can make it look flatter if you already have thin hair; layers can also be problematic if you have wiry, dry, or frizzy hair, so make sure to speak with your stylist before making this decision.
There are many factors that contribute to weighing down your hair including oil and hair product residue, according to L’Oréal Paris. The amount of conditioner you use is also important because it will add shine to your hair, but using too much will weigh down your hair, making it look flatter than you want.