Coconut oil is the number one home remedy/DIY solution ingredient in the book. However, you might want to see what the experts have to say about the latest trend of using the oil as a teeth-whitening solution.
After Gwyneth Paltrow spilled her secret on oil pulling, an Ayurvedic method, where she swishes a spoonful of coconut oil around her mouth for twenty minutes to improve oral health and whiten teeth, everyone wanted to give it a try. However, the verdict among experts is that coconut oil should not be used as a tooth whitener.
Dr. Rod Kurthy, the founder of Kör Whitening, explains the method doesn’t whiten teeth but instead removes minor, unattached stains or bacteria. The American Dental Association, however, stated the practice can prove dangerous as it can cause “lipoid pneumonia, upset stomach, and diarrhea.”