Is Cornstarch An Effective Dry Shampoo Alternative Amid Recalls?
Dry shampoo usually comes in the form of a spray or powder that soaks up dirt and oil from the hair. Recently, Unilever has recalled dry shampoo aerosol products, specifically, brands like Dove, Nexxus, and TRESemmé, due to the presence of a human carcinogen, benzene; however, there may be a substitute for dry shampoo in your kitchen pantry.
Cornstarch is a natural moisture absorber that will soak up your hair’s oils in no time and contains vitamins that are great for promoting healthy hair. All you have to do is sprinkle a little bit on your roots at a time, transferring cornstarch into a shaker bottle will help with even disbursement.
However, cornstarch is not a permanent substitute for cleansing shampoo and should only be seen as a “hair freshener” rather than as a hair cleaner. A buildup of cornstarch can trap bacteria on your scalp causing hair follicles to become inflamed which could lead to hair loss.