Is Delaying Your Period On Purpose Actually Safe?
Delaying your period can be an intriguing concept, particularly if you have an impending trip or special event. However, to do so safely you’ll want to trade in TikTok hacks, like drinking a shot of lime juice with Tajin seasoning, for these physician-approved ways to temporarily waylay the cramps and bloating.
If you’re already on hormonal birth control, you can easily delay your period by skipping your placebo pills or removing your ring path for your period week. Instead, just start a new pack of pills, stick on a new patch, or insert a new ring. Skipping your period does not increase or introduce the chances of experiencing serious side effects.
If you are not on hormonal control, you’ll need to do some planning ahead by calling your OBGYN and explaining your situation to them, then they will likely prescribe a medication called norethisterone which will delay your period for up to 17 days. To stop or frequently skip your period, talk to a doctor about semi-permanent forms of hormonal birth control.