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Is Glycolic Acid The Secret To Baby-Soft Feet?
The skin on your dry feet cannot absorb moisture very easily, so most likely you’ve noticed your feet remain dry even after several applications of lotion. The cells on your feet are too thick to be permeated so the moisturizer just sits on top, but the good news is, glycolic acid might be the solution you’ve been looking for.
Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliator, so it’ll remove the top layer of skin cells to expose healthy cells, leaving you with baby-soft feet. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid and it is a very gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells without any scrubbing, pain, or irritation.
Experts at CoastSouthwest say glycolic acid foot peels are not only popular but “these peels work.” Foot peels often require that you soak your feet in glycolic acid for up to 30 minutes, and your feet should stay covered as they shed the top layer of skin which can take up to two weeks.