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Is It A Problem If Your First Love Is Your Only Love?
There’s nothing like falling in love for the first time, but if you’ve only ever been with your first love, you may wonder if you’ve missed out on other people.
When your first love is your only one, it can feel like you're missing out on others, but that fear is created by our anxiety telling us we’re being deprived of an experience.
There's absolutely no problem if your first love is your only love. It’s almost never worth it to throw away a fulfilling, happy relationship to maybe find someone you love more.
While there's no issue staying with your first love forever, dating other people can teach you what you like in a partner, what your boundaries are, and how you want to be loved.
It's nice being able to compare past partners to determine what exactly you want in a relationship, but that isn't to say you can't figure things out with your first and only love.