Is It Healthy To Drink Sparkling Water Every Day?
Sparkling water is a popular choice these days, as it’s carbonated and helps you lose weight by giving you a sense of fullness. Here’s the truth about whether or not it’s healthy to drink sparkling water every day.
According to UChicago Medicine, sparkling water is a healthier substitute to soda, sugary juice, and sports drinks, and its hydrating qualities make it a great choice following a workout. Sparkling water helps you manage your eating patterns, promotes healthy weight loss, and aids in digestion.
There has been no evidence that suggests sparkling water is bad for you, but too much of anything is not recommended, so if you do drink it in excess, the carbonic acid in sparkling water may make you feel bloated and influence stomach acid output. Also, beware of the brand you buy, since some add a lot of sugar and artificial flavoring.