Shot of cosmetologist making face massage for rejuvenation to woman while lying on a stretcher in the spa center.
Is It Normal To Suffer From Breakouts After A Facial?
Although getting a facial is the ultimate act of self-care, you can come to regret it if you have breakouts the next day. It is actually rather typical for people to break out after receiving a facial, but there are ways to tell if your breakout was caused by the facial or if you had a negative reaction.
You may experience "purging" after a facial because your skin can instantly react to a new product by pulling out all the leftover gunk from your skin. Post-facial breakouts can even be considered a good sign because this means the deep cleanse worked, and it won’t be long before your skin clears up.
To figure out if you’re purging or having a bad reaction is to examine the type of breakouts you have. Andrea Pfeffer says, “A few whiteheads is okay, but if you're inflamed and it's out of the ordinary for your skin, then it's a red flag,” and we suggest sticking to a simple hydrating skincare routine in the days leading up to your facial.