Is It Safe To Take Plan B While On Birth Control?
The morning-after pill, known as Plan B, is an emergency contraception that is taken after unprotected sex or if the birth control method being used failed. Plan B does not terminate a fetus and is only meant to be used as emergency birth control, so it’s important to know what happens if you take Plan B while on birth control.
It is safe to take Plan B while on hormonal birth control, but Dr. Adeeti Gupta says, “If you are taking your birth control pills regularly and correctly or are on an IUD, you normally do not require additional Plan B.” If you take Plan B, you should still take your birth control pills, because Plan B is not a substitute for birth control, according to Natalie Crawford, M.D.
Do not take Plan B if you’re pregnant or allergic to levonorgestrel, and don’t think it’s a substitute for birth control. Plan B is most effective within the first three days, so the effectiveness drops after this window, and if you have more questions, it’s wise to talk to your OB-GYN to keep informed.