Is IV Therapy A Safe Way To Cure Your Hangover?
A hangover can make you feel like death, so you might be tempted to try IV therapy to kill your hangover faster. However, prices range from $175 to $295 per treatment, so before you jump on this idea, you should know whether it's a safe cure for a hangover.
For years, medical professionals have used IVs to provide hydration and vitamins to patients. Clinical pharmacist Dena Westphalen says, “While you're undergoing an IV vitamin drip, your body is receiving a higher concentration of the vitamins themselves,” but there are a few downsides.
IV therapy requires you to poke your skin with a needle, so there’s always the risk of infection. IVs can also contribute to blood clots and air embolisms, and they might give you too much of one vitamin or mineral, which can exacerbate other health issues.
If you perform IV therapy in an unsafe setting or with a fluid of questionable quality, that can lead to more problems, so Dr. Sam Torbati explains, "You want to make sure you know exactly what's in it." Due to all the potential risks, it seems like a better idea to battle your hangover with an easier and more cost-effective solution than IV therapy.