Close up of Rambutan Fruit
Is Rambutan An Effective Retinol Alternative?
The outer skin of a rambutan fruit contains polyphenolic compounds which help reduce inflammation and aid in the anti-aging process, and the phenolic extract found within the peel can guard your skin against free radicals. Since phenolic compounds permeate the topmost layer of your skin to help with any anti-aging, people have been comparing it to retinol.
Some people avoid retinol due to its side effects like dryness, irritation, and redness, so rambutan would be a great alternative to help create a youthful appearance while keeping your skin hydrated. Unlike retinol, rambutan doesn’t diminish the natural moisture found in your epidermis, so switching to this fruit can give you the perks of retinol, without the drawbacks.
After you’ve done a patch test to ensure your skin doesn’t react poorly to rambutan, try introducing a serum or cream a few nights a week into your routine. Brands like Alypn offer a wild nettle and niacinamide serum, which adds vitamin B and an extra dose of vitamin C to the rambutan found in the product, supercharging the active ingredients.