Is There A Way To Prevent Your Foundation From Oxidizing?
It’s frustrating enough to find your perfect foundation shade, and once you put it on and realize it oxidizes throughout the day, you’re left wondering where that leaves you. Oxidation makes your foundation turn a more orange and darker shade on your skin due to the air and other factors changing the shade.
The best way to prevent your foundation from oxidizing is starting with a clean face, since you don’t want your oils and dirt mixing with your foundation. Then put on a primer, blot away any excess oil, use a brush or sponge to apply the foundation, apply setting powder, and then blot excess oil throughout the day to minimize the risk of oxidizing.
To further limit the risk, choose a water-based product over oil-based, since you want to lower the amount of oils you use, and also opt for products rich in antioxidants to fight against oxidation. You can also choose a lighter shade so if it does oxidize, it won’t leave your skin looking much darker, and make sure to apply your foundation on your neck.