Four senior female friends laughing in a steam room
Is There An Ideal Number Of Friends You Should Have?
Meaningful friendships have been linked to longevity and emotional enrichment, but experts say that you will be happier and more fulfilled if you put a cap on the number of friends you have. And no, social media doesn’t count.
Per a hypothesis by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, humans can handle up to 150 social relationships. Among them, only five are intimate friends and 15 round out our closest support network, while the rest are those you're chummy with on a superficial level, such as your colleagues, your hobby club crowds, and your church buddies.
Friendships require investments like romantic relationships, and it takes a considerable investment to reach a certain level of intimacy with a person. This is why having too many close, personal friendships can take away from your productivity and weigh you down emotionally and physically.