woman examining her face in the mirror
Is There Any Difference Between Face Acne And Body Acne?
In general, facial acne is often hormonal, while body acne is caused by clogged follicles. It's important to treat acne properly, as different areas require different remedies.
Clogged follicles occur due to excess oils or sweat, and leaving them uncleaned can lead to body acne. Wearing tight-fitting clothes can also cause body acne due to friction.
Other than “maskne,” or acne caused by wearing a face mask, most facial acne is hormonal, and can be combated using ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
For body acne, use a thicker acne wash to penetrate the skin. Wash and moisturize your face and body after sweating or before bed to prevent clogged pores and keep your skin clear.