attractive girl applying highlighter or bronzer with pipette
Is TikTok's DIY Bronzing Drops Hack Legit?
TikTok creators have found a way to DIY their own bronzing drops by simply mixing their favorite self-tanner with plain tap water in old cleaned-out skin care containers.
Making bronzing drops at home will help you save money while still giving you the pop of color and warmth you desire. Plus, you control the amount of color in the formula.
The basic recipe is 1 part water and 3 parts self-tanner. To upgrade the formula, add skincare ingredients containing glycerin, like hyaluronic acid, so the mixture can thicken.
You'll notice that this DIY leaves a bronze tint over your skin for a few days. If you want the same look that’s removable, combine bronzer with your moisturizer.
To apply, squeeze a few drops onto a makeup palette or surface and use a brush or sponge to blend it into your hairline and down your neck before doing your usual makeup routine.