It's Time To Learn How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener
If you want that look of luxurious and elegant curls but don’t have a curler, you’re in luck because these gorgeous curls can also be done with a flat iron. Whether you want beachy waves or tight curls, your straightener will get the job done.
One trick is to grab a section of hair, then rotate the straightener halfway in the direction away from your head, and carefully pull it down. Another way to curl your hair, according to Justine Marjan, is to “push the hair through the iron in the shape of an S-wave as you gently open and close and press the iron against the hair.”
If you don’t already own a straightener, the Wazor 2-in-1 Flat Iron sold on Amazon is around $60 and has great reviews, but if you want a more affordable one, look into the Remington S5500 1" Anti-Static Flat Iron. The best iron for frizz-free hair is the Nition Platinum Professional Styler which can be found on Amazon for around $70.