Jewelry Trends That Are Out And What You Should Wear Instead
OUT: Rose Gold
Rose gold is out and yellow gold jewelry is in because you can never go wrong with classic yellow gold. Rose gold is often associated with low-quality and cheap materials, but with yellow gold, you’ll be getting your money’s worth and its expensiveness makes it a staple in your jewelry collection.
OUT: Lace Chokers
Chokers are not going away anytime soon, but if you want to keep up with recent trends, ditch the lace chokers for a plated choker. Plated chokers are a go-to statement necklace, and they’re much easier to handle since they aren’t as delicate as a lace choker.
OUT: Small Hoops
Small hoops are no longer in style, instead, Net-A-Porter recommends opting for oversized hoops, hoops with pearls dripping from the bottom, and chubby hoops for a more exaggerated thickness. You can’t go wrong with silver hoops, diamond hoops, and simple gold hoops.
OUT: Feathers
Feather earrings, necklaces, and bracelets had their moment, but now it’s time for seashells to shine. People have associated seashells with fertility and love for thousands of years, and many people believe wearing them can strengthen your mind and the way you think about things.
OUT: Letter-Shaped
It’s time to pack up jewelry that has a dangling letter and opt for charms that make a statement. Jewelry with letters can make you look a tad tacky, but wearing jewelry with dangling charms is the way to go, and Tiffany and Co. has a wide selection of gorgeous charms.