Kate Middleton smiling in a pink blazer in front of a floral background
Kate Middleton's Signature Scent Is The Ultimate Understated Luxury Staple
Kate Middleton's signature scent is Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne, as revealed by Susan Kelley, founder of the Kate Middleton-focused blog What Kate Wore.
This sparkling floral scent launched in 2003 and retails at $165. Jo Malone describes the Orange Blossom Cologne as "a shimmering garden oasis."
Upon opening the bottle, a swirl of lilac and jasmine fills the air. It has tangerine blossom, a sharp and citrusy scent that fades away rather quickly.
As the tangerine drifts away, a bouquet of white, dewy floral notes emerges. There's also a hint of grassy vetiver, which turns slightly soapy as it settles down.
To the public, Kate Middleton projects a sense of confidence, cheer, and class, and Orange Blossom perfectly embodies all these charming qualities and more.
While the scent's elegance is undeniable, some may find its projection and staying power a bit lacking. Even if you dislike white florals, you’ll still enjoy Orange Blossom.