fashionable woman wearing a leather and fur jacket walking against a pink background while holding a leather purse
Key Tips For Buying A Staple Leather Jacket
Decide The Type
One of the first choices you'll have to make when shopping for a new staple leather jacket is whether you want genuine leather or faux leather. While real leather is high-quality, super flattering, and made to last, faux leather jackets are vegan, cheaper, easier to clean, and can come in more unique looks.
Choose A Color
Although you can never go wrong with a classic black leather jacket, if you're looking for something a little more different but still want a neutral one that will pair well with various outfits, you should consider a brown leather jacket. However, anyone looking for something super bold and stylish should consider a red leather jacket.
Style And Silhouette
When picking your new leather jacket, think about your style and personality; for instance, if you want a classically edgy leather look, consider a biker jacket, but if you want something with a more modern-chic vibe, try looking into a leather blazer instead. Where and when you'll be wearing the jacket are crucial factors to consider, too.
Check The Fit
Make sure you choose a leather jacket that fits your body well. "If you're prioritizing [just] two measurements, the most important are the shoulder width and sleeve length. [...] An improper sleeve length is the tell-tale sign of an ill-fitting jacket," says Rosa Halpern, designer and the founder of custom leather jacket brand By The Namesake.
Online Shopping Tips
Typically, when you shop for an investment piece like a coat or jacket, it's best to shop in person so you can physically try it. However, there's nothing wrong with buying a leather or vegan leather jacket online, as long as you pay close attention to the sizing, read reviews, and check the return policy before making your purchase.