Laser Hair Removal Facts Every Woman Should Know
Not Permanent
Laser hair removal is not permanent, unfortunately. Zapping your hair follicles damages and stunts the growth of hairs in their active cycle that are responsible for producing pigment, but hair follicles in the inactive or dormant stage won't be damaged.
Multiple Sessions
On average, it takes two to six appointments spread out over a few weeks to achieve the desired results, according to Mayo Clinic. It depends on the area you’re targeting, but remember that everyone’s hair is different, so the amount of time it takes per person will vary.
Laser hair removal can be very expensive with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons saying the average cost is around $389 per session. While the price may add up, findings from the United Press International said that women in the U.S. will spend $10,000 on hair removal products over their lifetime.
It’s important to follow the preparations given to you before your sessions. Body Details says pre-treatment instructions will mainly advise you to stop removing hair from the area you want lasered and avoid bleach for four to six weeks, avoid putting makeup or thick cream, and limit sun exposure and tanning.
It Might Hurt
The procedure isn’t supposed to be painful because of the preparations involved, the laser, and cooling techniques. However, depending on your pain tolerance, it will be different for each person, with Healthline saying it should feel like a sunburn.