A woman with hooded eyes uses an eyelash curler to holding an eyelash curler one of her eyes
Lash Curler Purchasing Tips For Our Babes With Hooded Eyes
Do You Have Hooded Eyes?
To find out if you have hooded eyes, look in the mirror to see if you have a small eyelid space and an extra layer of skin that droops over your crease.
What’s The Verdict?
You’ll also see that when you open your eyes, your eyelids retract into your crease, and your brow bone will have a strong presence on your face.
Eyelash Curler Basics
Regardless of eye shape, always purchase a metal curler and look for one with a silicone-based pad and a sturdy grip.
Try Before You Buy
Your eyelashes are delicate, so if possible, we advise trying the curler out before purchase to see what the grip on the curler is like.
Curlers For Hooded Eyes
When looking for a curler to support the hooded eye structure, focus on the curve and depth of the curler.
Easy With The Right Tools
Purchase curlers with a smaller curve and less depth; this style will help you reach your eyelashes easily and allow the curler to reach the roots.
No-Budget Curlers
Splurging on a curler is worth it because they are stainless steel, lightweight, and will make your lashes look like a million bucks.
Worth The Splurge
Most expensive curlers have a slim design allowing them to reach all your lashes, and their finer finish keeps away corrosion, promising long-term use.