Female two hands with white nail polish
Linen Nails Are A Breezy Summer Manicure Trend
White Linen
White linen nails are crisp and clean, like sun-dried white linen bed sheets. Apply a luxe matte top coat in shades like bright white and cream for an elevated look.
Terracotta Linen
A terracotta brown color is cozy and mellow while still providing a minimalist vibe. With a matte finish, these nails resemble homey terracotta clay pots.
Add Gems
With linen nails serving as a neutral base, glue on a few nail gems to add some glam. Experiment with gem placements or even use white polish to make a sparkle decal.
Speckled Linen
Speckles add interest to otherwise plain linen nails. Start with a neutral base and create a speckly design with home objects like toothpicks or a toothbrush.
Nude Tone Gradient
Nude tone nails look beautiful in a gradient. For the full-color spectrum, go from white to dark brown or black, or use beige and brown tones for a lighter look.