Duo of mascara wands next to a swatch of black mascara on white background
Mascara Colors That Make Brown Eyes Pop
While brown eyes may be the majority of the population, they are anything but boring. Brown has a multitude of shades, from light caramel and amber to deep chocolate and onyx, and you can enhance your eye color by using colorful mascara.
Brown and black mascara are most commonly used, but using deep purple mascara can help illuminate brown eyes and make them pop. Subtle rich purple, like black cherry or burgundy, can help give a natural look, but if you want a bold look, opt for a grape or violet purple to really make your eyes stand out.
Blue mascara can also brighten brown eyes because the bright blue will naturally dull any redness or signs of bloodshot while simultaneously making them look whiter. If you feel that blue on the top and bottom of your lashes looks too bold, try using blue on only the top lashes and a basic brown or black on the bottom lashline.