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Mate Poaching Is Yet Another Troubling Dating Trend
What Is Mate Poaching?
Mate poaching is a new cheating-based dating trend where a person intentionally tries to win the affection of someone who is in a committed relationship. A recent storyline on the reality show “Vanderpump Rules” has led fans and social users to discuss the effects this trend has on dating and friendships.
Possible Motives
The reasons why mate poachers go after people in committed relationships vary, but are commonly linked to a quest for control, power, and an adrenaline-driven pursuit of achievement. Clinical sex addiction is another common reason, especially if pursuing sexual partners provides an exciting challenge.
Common Tactics
Sliding into someone’s DMs is perhaps the best-known way of mate poaching because of the secret nature of private messaging. Mate poachers may try to lure their targets using luxury experiences or material items, adapt their behavior to mirror the target’s personality, or become a confidant to the target.