Woman applying cream on her face.
Micro-Spicules: The New Skincare Tech Making A Big Splash
According to Asian beauty retailer The YesStylist, spicules are small, needle-shaped structures sourced from marine sponges. The natural "needles" are extracted from the sponges and added to skincare masks, serums, and creams as an alternative to needling procedures and dermarolling.
Compared to rolling needles over the skin with a tool, topical micro-spicule products involve rubbing tiny needles into the skin, where they remain for up to 72 hours until the needles flake off along with any dead skin cells. This much gentler replacement promises mild side effects like tingling and redness that only lasts a few minutes.
When these micro-spicules penetrate the skin, some benefits include allowing other skincare ingredients to absorb better, gentle exfoliation, treatment of hyperpigmentation and scarring, and firming up sagging or wrinkled skin. They can also be used daily, which may lead to quicker and more consistent results.