Make up artist applying permanent make up on eyebrows at beauty treatment. Beautician contouring and shading young woman's eyebrow with special tool.
Microfeathering Is The More Natural Alternative To Microblading
What is Microblading?
Microblading is when an esthetician uses a tattoo pen to manually create thin strokes and mimic the appearance of individual hairs. This form of semi-permanent makeup is perfect for filling in severely thin brows, it typically requires several sessions and can last anywhere from one to three years.
What is Microfeathering?
Microfeathering is also a form of semi-permanent makeup with the esthetician using light, feathery strokes with the tattoo needle to focus on certain areas of your brows, as opposed to tattooing all over. The main appeal for microfeathering lies in the ability to create brows that appear more natural, for those that desire a more subtle look.
Which is Right For You?
Microblading ensures a more dramatic look and is best for those with thin eyebrows that lack definition or shape. However, if you already have a fair amount of eyebrow hair, simply want to fill in certain gaps to enhance your natural brows, and prefer to sport simple makeup looks, then microfeathering is a better option for you.