Mistakes You're Probably Making With Your Concealer
Forgetting Skin Prep
Start with clean and prepped skin by washing your face and moisturizing with a day cream, or a hydrating toner if you have oily skin. Exfoliate your face once a week for a perfect concealer application on smooth skin without clogged pores.
Not Priming
A primer is a tinted moisturizer that smoothes skin, blurs pores, and sets makeup, which is exactly what you want for your concealer. Using a primer increases the effect of a concealer since it smooths the skin and helps the concealer stay longer.
Not The Right Color
According to Jodi Urichuk, a L'Oréal Paris makeup artist and expert, “Go one or two shades lighter on the under-eye area" when it comes to concealer. Applying a lighter shade under the eyes will brighten the look and erase any traces of fatigue.
Using Too Much
Less is more when it comes to concealer; too much can make you look more tired, accentuate fine lines, and make your skin appear dull. Blend out any extra concealer with a beauty blender or sponge, or dab the excess on other areas of your face you want to illuminate.
Rubbing It In
Applying concealer by simply sweeping it with a brush under your eye will leave unpleasant marks. The best way to keep the pigment and flawless coverage is to lightly dab the concealer with a brush, blender, or even your finger.