Nail Inner Corner Eyeliner With These 8 Tips
Map Out With Eyeshadow
If you’re new to inner corner liner, try mapping out exactly where you want your eyeliner to sit with an eyeshadow slightly darker than your skin. Use the eyeshadow as a guide to ensure you stay on track and end up with a perfectly sharp look.
Nail Down The Best Angle
Getting the angle right for your inner corner liner may be a bit of a challenge if you have round or hooded eyes. Try to follow your bottom lash line and extend it a bit further towards your nose before connecting it to the top line — this might take some trial and error.
Try A Gel Formula
Gel liner on a sharp brush is a great option for the inner corner since it still allows you to draw perfectly sharp lines while being less likely to slip or run. If you have sensitive eyes, you may want to opt for something waterproof as well.
Play With Bold Colors
Inner corner liner is a great way to bring in a bold accent that doesn’t completely dominate the rest of your makeup look. Apply the rest of your liner normally, then switch to a bright color that matches your outfit or flatters your eye color in the inner corner.
Add In Some Glitter
To spice up you look for a special evening or night out, consider adding some glitter to your inner corner liner. Products that include chunky glitters or metallic pigments allow you to add in a bit of shimmer without sacrificing precision.