A woman applying powder with a synthetic makeup brush
Natural Vs. Synthetic Makeup Brushes: What's The Real Difference?
There are two different types of makeup brush fibers: natural and synthetic. Natural brushes feel luxurious, but they come with a hefty price tag.
Price does not determine how good a brush is, so choosing a more affordable synthetic brush doesn't mean you are sacrificing quality.
Natural makeup brushes are humanely made from horse, goat, or squirrel hairs, work best with powder-based products, and are ideal for sensitive skin.
If you predominantly use liquid and cream-based products, natural brushes will leave your skin looking clumpy and deteriorate faster.
Synthetic brushes are constructed with manufactured materials like nylon, polyester, and taklon, and while they may not feel as soft as natural brushes, they work just as well.
Synthetic brushes are more hygienic and last longer than natural brushes because they don’t absorb makeup products and can hold up to more washes.