Ombré Brow Shading Vs. Microblading: What's The Difference?
Trends come and go when it comes to eyebrows, but two of the most recent trends are ombré brow shading and microblading. However, since both of these trends are semi-permanent you should consider the differences before deciding which one is best.
Ombré shading is done with a small machine that places thin dots of pigment along the brows to create the illusion of definition and depth. This less invasive process lasts around two to three years and is perfect for any age, skin, or hair type. Although, because it is a newer process, research is still being conducted on the long-term side effects.
Microblading uses a thin, handheld needle to create lifelike hair strokes to form your desired eyebrow shape and fullness. Those with oily or acne-prone skin will have a more difficult time getting a cleaner look with microblading, and although there is a risk of bleeding and bacterial infection, overall it is a relatively safe procedure.