Woman in beige trench coat with black leather boots and dark sunglasses walks down the street
One Color Can Make A Tan Leather Trench Coat Perfectly Pop
Wearing a tan leather trench alone can give off a moody vibe, but when you add black pieces into the mix, it adds drama to your world-weary look. If you want to give off a sophisticated and worldly, yet everyday aesthetic, here are a few ways to nail this combo.
Knee-High Hosiery
For a sophisticated edge that’s refreshingly retro and slightly risqué, try sheer black stockings and black platform heels with a tan trench that shows nothing but the stockings. For a youthful or boho look, try black opaque socks with a peek of your outfit underneath.
Black Neck-Tie
Pay homage to a bygone era by wearing a formal black neck-tie with a tan leather trench, and give "dashing" a whole new meaning. Add black sunglasses to cement the confident appeal.
Basic Black Bag
An oversized tan, leather trench with pointy white boots feels cool and modern, and a black leather bag gives it a quintessential look. Black bags don’t go with everything, but when paired with white boots, they give the tan leather coat a minimal and dramatic vibe.
Switch Out the Belt
Tan leather coats typically come with their own matching belt, it can be fun to switch it out with a black leather one instead. It's unexpected, creates interest, and gives your trench a two-toned flair.