close up of blue eye with mascara smudged at the bottom
Our Best Advice For Fixing Frequent Mascara Smudging
No matter what type of lashes, facial structure, eye shape, or skin type you have, smudging mascara is a problem that affects everyone at some point. While there are a number of causes for mascara to smudge, there is one that you can try to avoid.
Even if your skin isn't typically oily, the oil on your eyes, sweat, and heat can cause mascara to smudge and run. Blotting away moisture and setting under the eyes with translucent powder are efficient ways to keep your eyelids dry and avoid mascara transfer.
Another way is by applying an eye primer as a base, but be mindful of using a designated eye primer because some foundations and concealers may be too creamy to achieve the desired effect. Waterproof mascara is also great, as it locks in moisture when used on its own.