Young woman with long dark curly hair
Our Best Advice For Growing Out Your Curls
The way you need to keep your skin hydrated is the same when it comes to your hair. To maintain your hair strong, frizz-free, healthy, and hydrated, use hydrating options like hair masks, deep conditioners, treatments, leave-in conditioners, or even water.
Scalp Care
Your scalp is just as important as your hair, so you should spend some time taking care of it to encourage hair growth. Luckily, your scalp doesn’t require such high maintenance, so you can opt to massage your scalp as you wash or try incorporating scalp serums into your routine.
Hair Cutting
It can be tempting to cut your own hair when you find a few dead or split ends, but it’s recommended to leave the hair cutting to the professionals. A hair stylist will know when you need to cut your hair and how much needs to be trimmed.